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How often do my orders come in to the system?
We can setup the program to import as frequently as you want ,usually every  hour all orders are imported .
What is the pending orders button ?
Once an order is checked off as updated and the tracking number has not been put in yet it will show under the pending order.Once the order
gets tracking from multi-channel or is manually entered ,the program sends confirmation directly to the relevant site and moves the order 
out of the pending screen.
What marketplaces do you support ?
We now support Amazon ,sears, eBay Best Buy and New egg and are constantly adding new marketplaces as they become available.
With which shipping programs does your program integrate?
We currently integrate with Dazzle and UPS .All orders that are checked off as UPS go to ups and the ones not checked off go to dazzle.
How do I prevent an order from going to UPS or dazzle ?
You can click on the updated checkbox which will move the order to the pending orders.
Where can I see the commission and FBA costs per order ?
In the orders panel ,you can see all the costs per order under the total cost column
How can I print out a packing slip for a single order?
You can search the order by putting in the buyer name and then click on generate order slip button .This will create a packing slip for only that order.
Other wise it will create packing slips for all open orders.

Orders Multi-channel

Can I have all my mutli-channel orders work on auto pilot?
Yes that is one of our great features which you can turn on .It will send to multi-channel all orders as soon as they come in 24/7.
The program checks if the SKU of the order has stock and it sends it.
I see some orders checked off as multi channel but they still show on the main orders screen?
The reason for that is cause there was some error on Amazon's side processing the error .You can look at the F_Error column to see why amazon
rejected the order.
What does this error Value DeliverySLAUnavailable for parameter  is invalid. Reason: Delivery SLA is not available for destination address. mean
This usually comes up for Alaska or Hawaii items that you are trying to send overnight.Amazon does not support overnight for these
areas now.You can change the shipping method to Ground  and resubmit .
What does this error mean Value ItemMissingCatalogData for parameter  is invalid. Reason: 1 error?
You need to  check on amazon that the sku is listed on amazon and there is available stock in FBA .
What does this error mean Value PR for parameter DestinationAddress.StateOrProvinceCode is invalid?
Currently amazon only ships multi-channel in the continental USA.
How fast do you update tracking for multi-channel orders?
We get the tracking information instantly from Amazon as soon as they ship and send confirmations to the relevant sites right away.

Auto listing

How does auto listing work ?
We take all items that you have on amazon and list them on all other marketplaces at the same or marked up price as amazon.Once an order
comes in from any of the marketplaces quantity is reduced on all marketplaces so that all inventory is in sync.
How do I enter an ebay or sears category ?
You can manually add sears or ebay categories by double clicking on the category column which will show you a popup with all categories
in a hierarchy order.Only items with valid categories will get listed on sears and eBay and best buy do not need category mapping.
Is there any faster way to update categories for eBay or sears?
Yes.You can use our category mapper that maps your products categories to the relevant ebay or sears category.This saves you a lot of work 
so you don't need to do each product individually.
Can I manually set prices instead of using the amazon price?
Yes.You can manually enter a price and check off the checkbox manual price ,and click update.Otherwise it will take the amazon price for all other marketplaces.
How do I see the prices of other sellers on amazon?
You can click on the ASIN of that product which will show you all your competitors on amazon
I listed my items on sears but I still do not see my listings showing on website?
Once we submit new items to sears it can take a few days for to approve the new listing.For a new account it might take even longer 
to get your first batch of items approved  by sears .
Can I put in  manual shipping?
Yes .Under the file menu click on update amazon inventory .In the shipping column you can put in a manual shipping and click on update shipping and feed .
This will update the shipping to amazon and
Why is the program not responding ?
First make sure that your server is on and responding and try restarting that computer.If problem still persists please contact us .
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