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Amazon Multi-Channel Selling

There is a lot of talk lately about Amazon’s fulfillment program called Fulfillment By Amazon, or FBA. A common misconception is that FBA is for Amazon only and while Amazon and FBA certainly go hand in hand, a seller’s items are not tied to the Amazon sales channel once they are stored in an FBA fulfillment center.

Amazon’s FBA program has what is called Multi-Channel Fulfillment meaning that you can still list and sell your FBA inventory on other channels and fulfill those orders through FBA.

You can ship your FBA inventory to fulfill orders that you receive from any channel such as eBay sears or your own website at very competitive rates . Using Multi-Channel Fulfillment allows you to sell on any sales channel and still fulfill your orders needing only access to a computer. You don’t need to store your own inventory, multiple sizes of boxes, print labels, or go to the Post Office every day. You get the orders, Amazon ships them out. This goes on whether you are at home or on vacation. Once you get your inventory to an FBA fulfillment center, you can manage it from anywhere on the planet!

Using Multi-Channel Fulfillment properly can truly revolutionize your business. You can lower your overhead in shipping costs, warehouse space, and labor costs while at the same time increasing your margins on every item that you sell. This is because of the extremely competitive costs associated with Multi-Channel Fulfillment.

The greatest news is that with SellerMarketPlace this whole process is fully automated ,from listing on all other channels ,to getting the orders imported ,sending the order to Amazon, and finally sending back the tracking numbers back to all the right channels and customers.So all orders on all other channels are completely handled by our software with ZERO intervention needed from you.

This is truly a win-win-win situation that most sellers would not believe is true: Win #1: Increase margins and profits (higher pay outs per item) Win #2: Reduce work (outsource storage, picking, packing, shipping) Win #3: Improve customer satisfaction (shipments arrive faster) Win #4: SellerMarketPlace does ALL the work for you , This would seem like a story from business fairly land, but it’s not; it’s simply learning how to use the available tools optimally. Run the numbers and take the steps to streamline your business.

Fees Involved

Yes, there are fees involved but these fees are fixed and known up front for Multi-Channel Fulfillment orders. Since they are your orders and not orders on the Amazon website, there is no Amazon commission.

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