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Our Marketplace program works with all the major market places ,like Ebay Sears Newegg and many others.Our program also works with international marketplaces like ebay UK and amazon UK and Europe.Our program lets you easily select which way to fulfill your order ,by UPS ,USPS ,Fedex,or by sending the order automatically to amazon Multi-Channel to get your orders fulfilled by amazon FBA.

We understand that every business is unique in the way they do business .We therefore fully customize our sellerMarketPlace to your specific needs so you can be themost competitive in the market and focus on selling.We also build you a web site based on your marketplace listings so you can sell direct without paying the extra commissions

We do not charge high rev share fees like many others do.We have one flat monthly fee no matter how much you sell.We therefore fully customize our sellerMarketPlace to your specific needs so you can be the most competitive in the market and focus on selling. All your items get listed with no extra charge matter how much you sell.The software is avaibile as a desktop AND web version to give you full control.


Our Account Managers

Our team of highly skilled account managers will make your activation process simple and easy. You'll enjoy the convenience of the accessibility of a live person to get you up and running . Among other responsibilities, your account manager:

  • Helps you define your goals for your activation process
  • Answers all your questions
  • Makes sure the activation process runs smoothly
  • Help you create a professional looking eBay template
  • Helps you move onto other marketplaces
  • Helps you to increase sales
  • Helps you with the shipping process

Inventory Management

  • Automated import of items from multiple marketplaces
  • Manage listings across multiple marketplace
  • Can set inventory allotment by item to avoid overselling
  • Can set shadow sku and quantity for parent and child items
  • Exports all the orders to quickbooks with all commision and settlment reports
  • Browse and sort inventory view
  • FBA inventory audit and reconciliation
  • Automatically get images, descriptions and other required information
       for listings on eBay and Sears listings even if you only have UPC or ASIN

Order Management

  • Automated import of orders from multiple marketplaces
  • Automated decrement of sold items from all supported markets
  • Browse and sort orders by parameters
  • Manage and fill or cancel out-of-stock orders or partially-filled orders*
  • Print and ship orders in bulk
  • Automatically send emails to customers confirming shipment,
  • Lookup orders and edit by buyer name, e-mail address, market order id,
       seller order number
  • Add notes to orders*
  • Multi-Channel order fulfillment integration
  • Single-sheet pick list printing option

Automated Pricing

  • Automatically re-price inventory at a configurable frequency
  • Manual re-pricing.
  • Cross-market pricing
  • Can set different prices for other marketplaces when needed.
  • Performance Pricingprice below your competitor
  • Set a price floor for items to ensure that cost of goods are covered
  • Set a high price in case market or competitor information is unavailable
  • Set specific rule as how much to cut under competition
  • Set rules for FBA competitors
  • many more rules based on your specific needs


  • Exports all the orders to quickbooks with all commision and settlment reports
  • Automate the exchange of data with various external applications such
       as POS software, accounting software or website software*

Feedback Management

  • See all your bad feedback in one screen instead of sorting all your feedback
  • Automatically request feedback on old orders where marketplace allows


  • See which orders and products are profitable
  • Check how much stock your competitors has per item on Amazon*
  • See if your items could be profitable on amazon based on the Buybox
  • Able to batch upload multiple items for evaluation and download the results
  • Reconcile and audit your FBA inventory and shippments
  • See what items are trending and becoming hot so you know what to focus on*
*under development
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